The disputes that arise with real property can be complicated even when they seem “black and white”. We can tell you what is really involved and what to expect and what options exist. With more than 30 years’ experience litigating, Ms. Grosberg will also be able to tell you which options make sense. During the life of the lawsuit she will tell you when, if and on what terms settlement makes sense. Experience in the process as well as the area of law makes all the difference in getting your goals met. Your opponent’s lawyer may huff and puff, but if Ms. Grosberg is your lawyer, your house will not be blown down! We stand tall and strong beside you. Our office can represent your interests in litigation involving

  • Construction defect disputes
  • Escrow disputes
  • “Failure to disclose” actions
  • Fraud and negligent misrepresentation
  • Judicial Foreclosure
  • Lease disputes, commercial and residential
  • Mechanics’ liens, including actions to foreclose
  • Partition actions (forced sale of property owned by two or more when one no longer wants to co-own property)
  • Realtor commission disputes
  • Receivership actions
  • Sales disputes
  • Title insurance disputes
  • Unlawful detainer actions, commercial and residential

We are as solid as the real property that is the subject of the dispute.