After a loved one passes you may be overwhelmed. We will guide you through the trust administration or probate process to insure all the assets are in fact transferred to those who are to receive them, all just debts are paid and proper notices given. You have enough to recover from; let our office guide and protect you in this most difficult time of grief and fight the war, if necessary. This process includes:

  • Trust administration and/or Estate Administration
  • Probate of the will, if necessary
  • Distribution of assets
  • Claims by and against the estate by third parties and/or potential beneficiaries
  • Trust and/or Probate litigation when there are competing demands that cannot be resolved without court intervention

We know that beneficiaries are not always properly treated and we can help you as a beneficiary protect your rights to your share of the estate or trust.

We also understand that as a creditor your rights should not be ignored. We will present your claim and protect your rights to payment. The fact that someone who is in debt to you passes away does not mean that your debt should go unpaid.