Ready for anything.

Her client let out a big sigh of relief, knowing he could place his legal problem in the hands of his lawyer.  He had not known her long, but from their first meeting she clearly understood the legal implications and quickly and clearly explained what additional information she may need and what all the options might be and how their strategy would depend partly on what the other side might do.

Once she understood the issues, she asked him what his goals were.  Did he want a big fight, did he want the fastest settlement even if it were not the best potential settlement? Was there a time constraint?   She even assured him that he would be part of the decisions, that he would not loose control.

Her word was good.  Together with his input as to the ultimate goals of his business and her input as to realistic outcomes of the lawsuit, they had positioned themselves to negotiate a sweet settlement of the dispute that could have ruined his business’ reputation if trial had been necessary.

The odd part was that the very reason they could settle without trial was her readiness to go to trial and the opponent’s knowledge that she would not shy away from confrontation or trial, as most lawyers do.  Bring it on was the warrior’s attitude.  The strength of that attitude made his opponents know they could not take advantage in any way.  He and his lawyer were ready!

Afterward, he realized that every time he sat with her he could see how organized her files and office were.  She could always put her finger on whatever she needed.  Nothing was ever unavailable.  She was always prepared.  No wasted time!  She made it clear from her actions that she and he were a team.  That made him know he would be well served and that she would be ready for anything!