Oh so many forms, oh so important to complete!

So you want to form a corporation and are deciding whether to hire a lawyer or use an online service.  Ask the customer service representative of the online service if the service:

1.  Prepares Articles of Incorporation

2.  Files Articles with the Secretary of State

3.  Obtains the Employer Identification Number from IRS

4.  Prepares Bylaws

5.  Has Bylaws adopted by Incorporator so that initial directors are properly appointed

6.  Holds the first organizational meeting

7.  Prepares minutes of First Organizational Meeting

8.  Issues shares

9.  Provides any necessary legend on stock certificates

10.  Gives notice to the Department of corporations of the issuance of the shares

11.  Prepares exemption form

12.  Prepares S-Corp IRS Form, if appropriate

13. Files Statement of Domestic Stock Corporation/Information

14.  Advisse you how to obtain your Employment Development Department Account

15.  Advises you how to obtain your Board of Equalization Account if necessary

Most likely the answer to all the questions except the first two is “no”which means you have an unfinished corporation and you may find yourself and your personal and family assets unprotected!