• Estate planning – wills and trusts
Most of us want to assure that after we pass our assets are distributed to those of our choice, whether it be to family, friends or charities. The best way to accomplish this is to plan ahead of time. We can help you learn all the options available so that what works best for you is what you plan. We can help you make changes to your trust or will when and as your life changes. In planning your estate we include several documents in addition to the trust and/or will such as:

• Health care directives
which provide the necessary authority for your medical professionals to speak to the person you choose to direct your health care, in the way you have specified, if you are unable to do so;

• Powers of attorney
which allow a person you choose to handle affairs for you if you are away or unable;

• Deeds and other appropriate documents to transfer real property into your trust;

• Sample letters if you want to transfer your personal property into your trust (such as vehicles, bank accounts, brokerage accounts and insurance policies)

We will remind you every year to consider if there have been any major changes in your life such as divorce or a change in who you may want to leave assets to or purchase of a new home or marriage or birth of a child or the start of a new business or retirement. You will not be abandoned after we set up your estate. As your life changes we will be right there to continue meeting your planning needs.